Changes in Jupyter console

A summary of changes in Jupyter console releases.


  • Highlight matching parentheses. PR #147
  • The config option JupyterConsoleApp.confirm_exit replaces ZMQTerminalInteractiveShell.confirm_exit, to avoid redundancy. PR #141.


  • When using a kernel that the console did not start, exiting with Ctrl-D now leaves it running. PR #127
  • Added Ctrl-\ shortcut to quit the console. PR #130
  • Input prompt numbers are now updated when another frontend has executed code in the same kernel. PR #119
  • Fix setting next input with newer versions of prompt_toolkit. PR #123
  • Ensure history entries are unicode, not bytes, on Python 2. PR #122


  • New ZMQTerminalInteractiveShell.true_color config option to use 24-bit colour.
  • New ZMQTerminalInteractiveShell.confirm_exit config option to turn off asking ‘are you sure’ on exit.
  • New --simple-prompt flag to explicitly use the fallback mode without prompt_toolkit.
  • Fixed executing an empty input.
  • Fixed formatting for code and outputs from other frontends executing code.
  • Avoid using functions which will be removed in IPython 6.



Interactive Shell architecture

  • Disinherit shell class from IPython Interactive Shell (PR #68). This separates jupyter_console’s ZMQTerminalInteractiveShell from IPython’s TerminalInteractiveShell and InteractiveShell classes.
  • Update SIGINT handler to not use the old interactive API shell. PR #80

Image Handling improvement

  • use PIL as default image handler PR #79
  • better indication of whether image data was handled PR #77

Prompts improvement

  • use prompt_toolkit 1.0 PR #74
  • don’t use prompt_manager PR #75
  • remove colors_force flag that have no effects: PR #88



  • fix for readline history
  • don’t confuse sys.path with virtualenvs


  • readline/completion fixes
  • use is_complete messages to determine if input is complete (important for non-Python kernels)
  • fix: 4.0 was looking for jupyter_console_config in IPython config directories, not Jupyter



  • fix jupyter console --generate-config


  • setuptools fixes for Windows


First release as a standalone package.